Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Indi Maverick-Inspired Illustration Animals - Adult Class

Adult Class Illustrations
My adults class learned about pen and line techniques and discussed the characteristics of illustrations. I adore the illustration work of the young Mexico-based artist Indi Maverick, and thought her work would be a wonderful project inspiration for my adults.  See her work here.

Each student chose one of Maverick's illustrations to copy, but they had to change something about it to make it their own. Dot, lines and dashes were used to render fur in various values, and special attention was paid to the eyes to emphasize the character is each animal. We created sweaters and shirt using design elements and added color using colored pencil and marker. 

My adults were skeptical of this project, since none of them had any experience with illustration or with pen and line techniques, but it's safe to say that each was super proud of their final work, and some ran off to have them framed so they could gift them someone they loved. 
Hard work and effort pays off! Gorgeous work!