Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mixed Media Portraits

Portrait painting using value, shadow and highlights to indicate form and shape.

Kids 7-9
Kids 8-12

To begin, we collaged old children's book paper onto sturdy painting paper using gel medium. We then gave it a light wash of white acrylic to push back the text, but still allow it show through the white paint. We drew our portraits following proper face proportions. I did a guided drawing on the white board, showing how the proportions are broken down, with eyes in the middle for the head, nose a 1/3 way down and lip another 1/3 way down. Chins are slightly pointed, so the head looks like an upside-down egg. Neck points come down from the ears and slope outwards a bit.
 We colored our face using skin-tone tints and shades, being sure to think of light and dark values on the face. Staring with our dark shade, we painted where all the darker values are: under nose and lips, eye lids, side of face and cheek hollows, under neck etc. Then we painted the middle tone all over, and then added the light tone to bridge of nose, tip of chin, cheek bones, T-zone of the forehead and nose etc. Eyes were painted and light-catcher spot was added. Top lip is always darker then lower lip, so we were sure to think of this! Hair was colored using value too, and is dark at the roots. Some of us got really creative with our color choice! 

These are fierce and beautiful!