Friday, May 20, 2022

Spring Floral Landscape - Gouache and Mixed-Media

Student work, ages 9-13

Student work, ages 12-13

Teacher Sample

My students ages 9-13 looked at the beautiful spring landscapes of English artists Jo Grundy. Our learning goals were many! We focused on building a landscape with special attention to atmospheric perspective, color mixing and scale. We considered how distant objects appear smaller, less detailed, and less saturated. We looked at various options for creating texture: we used gouache paint with many drawing implements and painting techniques to create these, including credit cards, Q-tops, tooth picks, dry bristle brushes and colored pencils. So much problem-solving and technique exploration went into these small format pieces. So inspiring to see kids work their way through complex tasks.

Materials: Gouache and mixed-media on blue mixed-media A3 size paper. Some students cropped the size a bit.

Tip: Taped borders results in a clean finish. We used washi tape.

Exploring color mixing and using various brushes for texture.

First Step: a light layer of colors - softer, less saturated color in the distance, bolder up front.

Next Step: adding texture and detail. Closer elements are more saturated in color, and more detailed.

Layers of texture: dry brush dabbing, Q-tips, credit cards scraping. 

Tip: Start at the top and back, moving down to the bottom and front. This prevents smudging and encourages overlapping.

Students slowly build up the landscape, adding increased texture, detail and saturation up close. We then add a house, a distant tree, clouds with shadows, birds in the sky, etc. to finish these beauties off. 


Student work, ages 9-13